"I campi di lavoro forzati non sono poi cosi' male. Ce ne hanno fatto visitare uno al corso di addestramento di base. Ci sono le docce, e letti con i materassi, e attività ricreative come la pallavolo. Attività artistiche. Si possono coltivare hobby come l'artigianato, ha presente? Per esempio, fare candele. A mano. E i familiari possono mandare pacchi, e una volta al mese loro o gli amici possono venire a trovarla - Aggiunse: - E si può professare la propria fede nella propria chiesa preferita.
Jason disse, sardonico: - La mia chiesa preferita è il mondo libero, all'aperto." (Philip K. Dick)

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The BIO-VIOLENCE project originates from the need of some activists to reveal, within the vast world of animal exploitation for food purposes (breeding, hunting and fishing), the emerging productive and especially ideological strategy of those sectors that promote ways of breeding and slaughter so-called “sustainable”, “ethical”, “organic”, respectful to the environment, to the worker’s rights, to the local communities and even to the “animal welfare”. We believe that such a branch of thought of animal exploitation is no way ethical and does'nt represent a step towards abolition of animal slavery or towards a radical change of the relationships man/other animals. We think that it must be denounced, revealing its contradictions, because the façade of “sustainability” of this breeding, apparently set against the intensive breeding, allows consumers silence their conscience (which is showing signs of awakening) to continue supporting, politically and commercially, an unacceptable and “ not reformable” massacre.

Therefore the BIO-VIOLENCE project is:

a) Observatory on the ideology of “happy meat” which monitors the development of the themes of organic, sustainable, ethical breeding and of its propaganda
b) Development of a punctual questioning of the contradictions of these themes,objections to underline the hypocrisy, the exploitation of the motion of sensitiveness towards animals, the incompatibility with animals’ needs (life, freedom, not suffering)
c) Promotion of demonstrations in order to make animal’s conditions known, to openly criticize such contradictions and emphasize the vital needs of the oppressed subject (the not human animals “for income”). Animals deserve to be taken into consideration regardless of the themes linked to the unintensive breeding sector (quality, human consumers’ health, human worker’s rights, environmental impact, etc..). Such initiatives shall be put into action, in particular, during exhibitions, congresses, important demonstrations organized by institutions, associations, meat industry sectors
d) Objection of the authorities and of the organizations which support the industry and the ideology of Bio-Violence
e) Constant development of the website that will receive with open arms signals, testmonies, documents and material about the matter
f) Activity dedicated to demolish the principles that hide the apparent simplicity of the industry of the “happy meat”; incentivating a new critical awareness to create the animal activist “counter offensive” against this new type of exploitation which integrates as“normality” an authentic cruelty which is no different from the cruelty of intensive breeding
g) Collecting individual and group adhesions to the initiatives of the Bio-Violence project, as long as these people and realities are expressly against every form of oppression and discrimination, even among humans.